At WinSquare, we see our products as experiences as they transform the aura of the place they become a part of.


We make intentional designs with equal emphasis on quality, aesthetics, and experience.


We build products that are inspired by your lifestyle and your requirements, ultimately creating experiences that fit seamlessly into your everyday life.

Our products are inspired by your lifestyle, choices, and needs. They aesthetically and functionally enhance your place.


WinSquare Windows and Doors are thoughtfully designed to offer exceptional experience and appearance. They are integrated with a high-quality eco-friendly profile with the highest impact grade.


WinSquare Kitchen and Wardrobe have been meticulously designed to improve the aesthetics and ergonomics of any space.The sleek and state-of-the-art design elements promote a spacious and clutter-free area.


WinSquare’s partitions are designed to create a sophisticated and modern space that is aesthetically separated without compromising the openness.

Modular Railings

WinSquare Railings are carefully crafted to offer maximum safety without compromising on opulence and elegance. The railings are designed with high-end materials that last longer.


A friendly hello from our window to yours. Get a peek into the life of people who’ve shared their experiences.


Mr. Jigar Patel

Director Inled Technologies

I recently installed WinSquare uPVC windows in my 2 storey office at my factory in Mhavashi. The previous windows were rattling a lot due to high wind pressure outside and hence I switched to WinSquare uPVC windows. The rattling stopped completely and they also provide excellent sound insulation and waterproofing.

Mr. Ramesh Sanghvi

Owner Steel Point, Pune

We installed WinSquare uPVC windows in the year of 2012 at our bungalow in Pune. Till date they are like new operationally and the condition of the uPVC profile is as it was 11 years back. We later also got their windows installed at our office last year.

Intentional designs. A beautiful every day. And there’s more.

Customer-Centric Solution Provider

We are customer oriented solution providers. We design our products after identifying the precise requirements of our customers. Our focus is on aesthetics, functionality, and design, which eventually results in superior quality.

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